4/365 saw a rabbit hopping by, knocking at my door


"Little Cabin in the Woods" (sung with actions, usually at camp, with several different versions)

Little cabin in the woods, little man by the window stood
Saw a rabbit hopping by, knocking at my door
"Help me! Help Me! Help..." he cried,
"'fore the hunter shoot me dead!"
"Come little rabbit, come inside, safely to abide."

It's not the most artistic photo, but it's the one that best captures why, after looking out my window this morning, I laughed all day imagining the scene from the song "Little Cabin in the Woods" occurring at my own front door.  If you knew the havoc caused by the rabbits in my garden year after year, you would know that I didn't sing "Come little rabbit, come inside..." with a whole lot of sincerity.


LauraLiz said...

I love the light on the snow!

Carol said...

Very nice! I noticed you do Digital Scrapbooking. What do you use? I have been making a scrapbook out of my 365 2007 photos these days and not sure I like what I am using. :)

Tracy P. said...

Carol, I publish my books mostly with Shutterfly. I have done a couple on Scrapblog.com, which is more like real scrapbooking, but it is pretty labor intensive, and a little cumbersome. I love the results though!

I have also used Smilebox for the templates, and then downloaded the pages and published on Shutterfly. That worked well too. They have a lot of really cute designs.

my15minutes said...

Love it... the song and the photo! :-)

Sandie said...

Cute! I love bunnies, I smile every time I see one. I don't have a garden though :)

Sara said...

Such a fun song, and the photo is a fun one too!

MaryD said...

and voila! it's stuck in my head!

Sandy said...

I don't know the song but I sure do like those tracks in the snow.