32/365 turning the page


Yesterday the kids each independently commented about how quickly the first month of the year has gone.  Bethany's way of saying it was that 1/12 of the year is already over.  They are studying fractions.

I love this colorful calendar that guards our back entry way.  We often need it to help us remember which field or court we are practicing on as we head out the door.   As I turned the page I noticed that "Fill your heart with wonder" is printed beside the name of each month.  I laughed, because every month I wonder how we'll get everything in.  I was thinking about how many events we start squeezing into each day in the spring, and it made me less eager to see the winter months pass quickly.  At least life is a little easier to manage right now.


Nutrition Tailor said...

I'm chuckling--I remember being a little relieved about winter and things slowing down, as well. Not only were there fewer kids' activities, but the yard work obligations drop dramatically when snow covers everything up!

Sandy said...

Spring time does have a way of getting very busy. I can't believe January has passed by already. That's such a bright and cheery calendar.

Dancingirl said...

Lol... It is hard to believe January is over. Great way to note that. I love the calendar, btw!