34/365 cleaned up room


I went in to check on Ben's room cleanup job, and thought it was interesting that he had managed to keep one juggling ball in the air.  Trust me when I say it was not likely to have been by accident.  I also love that there was a Hotwheels car sticking out.  He is eleven, and I wouldn't say that he plays with them anymore, but they still seem to echo through our home.  Happy.

And...is it not ironic that juggling balls say Klutz?  I know they would make ME feel like a klutz.  But it's not like that's a GOOD thing.


LauraLiz said...

Fun photo! I'll be looking for a juggling action shot one day. :-)

Dancingirl said...

I enjoy your comments so much! Yes. Klutz is a strange name to put on juggling balls. This is a cool photo, with the car under balanced boulders of balls!

AmpersandPrime said...

I like the memory that this captures for you. It is a really great composition too.

Sandy said...

I love that race car tucked under there ~ and how it's red.

I've always pronounced that company name "klootz." Funny, I don't think it ever dawned on me it could be said another way ~ like an actual word.