50/365 trouble


Ben was cleaning his room today and found the Trouble game under his bed. (Who knows how long it's been under there!) We had fun playing a few games of it.  Knowing that Monday is a holiday adds a nice element of relaxation to the weekend.


Janette said...

I feel like I'm getting sappier in my old age, but I almost had tears. I love that you had an unplanned fun family moment. Those are the times that I know I wouldn't want to have any other life than the one I've got :0)

AmpersandPrime said...

I like what Janette said. Such a great family moment.

julieunplugged said...

I got tears in my eyes from how clean your home is! May I move in and just abandon my house?

You have a cheerful photography eye—scenes most pleasant. This is cute.

Sandy said...

Lol, I saw our long lost Trouble game in our game cabinet today. We need to get it out and play too. I know what you mean about Monday adding to the weekend. I was rushing about Sunday night when it hit me that Monday was a holiday and everyone would be home. Aaah, instant relaxation and happiness!