59/365 playing with shutter speed


I'm starting to go through some photography tutorials, and this little experiment helped me understand why shutter priority is only recommended in good lighting situations.  Unfortunately my sink is away from the window.  Fortunately, since the sink is white the darkness at least provided some contrast. Very enlightening to see the different shutter speed results. This is 1/2000.


Sandy said...

Yep, you don't get much light in at 1/2000 of a second but the quickness does get the "freeze" in the water motion. What did it set your aperture to? You could always set the camera to manual and adjust to a larger aperture (smaller number) to let more light in at 1/2000.

Now you can go the other way and leave the shutter open longer and get the silky water! :) Oh, and water drop shots too!

Makes me smile to think of you experimenting with your camera. That's the perfect thing to do ~ jump in there and figure it out.

Great shot! Love all those water drops and the bubbles in the stream.

AmpersandPrime said...

Glad you are having fun!!

Tracy P. said...

Sandy, I would have to look again, but I think the aperture was 4.8. I could definitely open it a little more. I'll be working on that! I wonder who's going to cook dinner! ;-)