61/365 orchestra hall


Today I went with Ben's class to a concert put on by a gospel choir and a public high school choir.  A guest conductor worked with them to put it all together as part of an annual series featuring African American music.  This concert's theme was specifically the Negro spirituals. It was beautiful, and included some fun audience participation. I learned by talking to the music teacher for a few minutes afterwards that their 5th grade concert next week is also going to have a focus on the spirituals.  Now I really can't wait.

On another note...after two months of this project, I find myself appreciative of, but also laughing about all the really fun places I've gotten to photograph.  It seems so recently that I would have told you I didn't get out much, but clearly, I can't make that claim anymore.  I have blogged 2-4 times per week for about four years, but it is much more apparent when posting pictures that I take daily just how much variety there is in my life.  I am thankful.


Nutrition Tailor said...

Tracy, I am DEFINITELY thinking you get out a LOT! I was wondering if you made a point to take the kids out for "field trips" every week.
And, isn't Orchestra Hall a kick to photograph? I am going to the Minnesota Opera next week at the Ordway--will try to take some pics while there--whole different ambience in that place!

Tracy P. said...

Honestly, we don't really even try that hard. The ski trips and Orchestra Hall were planned by school. Bethany goes to the science museum next week, and I didn't even volunteer to chaperone. The zoo is super close and we are members, so we go often. We do try to take advantage of free things happening around town, but we have a number of things we never get around to, also. We are so blessed with so much to do right here around us.

Janette said...

Love this!! Only went to Orchestra Hall once while we lived there, but I was at the Ordway MANY times to see the SPCO. Tracy, you are making me drool over your camera :o)

Sandy said...

Putting that 18mm end to good use I see. Beautiful composition ~ the lines are just amazing. And how about the control of the white balance? Nice!

The concert sounds wonderful!