64/365 chai drinkers

Meet the Uzbek chai drinkers.
Believe me when I say I took a lot of pictures of them today.


They were most accommodating.
 You have to love their faces.  So content.


Ben, my 11-year-old, was quite interested in my study of exposure and depth of field.  When he wanted to see what would happen with the smallest aperture and the slowest shutter speed (above), I told him we would need a tripod.  (In other words, the good light was gone, and I was finished experimenting.)  He ran right down and got the tripod.


When we opened the aperture a little and sped up the shutter, we were a little over exposed.
So we sped up the shutter a little more.  It worked.  Fun stuff!


Now a cup of chai is sounding good.


Melissa Mae said...

You're crackin' me up! They are cute...

AmpersandPrime said...

So much fun! These characters are wonderful.

LauraLiz said...

Where'd you find these fellows?! They are too cute.

Tracy P. said...

Actually, I found them in Uzbekistan. Didn't have to go far though, as they were in the airport.

Sandy said...

Really cute figures. I love your experiments and your son's enthusiasm. My kids join in and help me a lot too.

RedGypsie said...

I love them! So happy!

julieunplugged said...

I love the story of the photo lesson! And it felt good to see how you achieved what you achieved. Excellent! They are funny to see and how cool that you've been to Uzbekistan!