72/365 sweet


Is this not the sweetest face?  She and her family were sitting beside me at church this morning.

I was captivated by this:


She was taking notes during the sermon.  Which amounted to happily 
copying the scripture passage out of her Bible.  It was beautiful. 


Her brother wanted his picture taken with his Hot Wheels car.
He asked me to be sure his mom got it on her computer.
And now she will.  :-)


Melissa Mae said...

I thought for sure that we were going to big snowflake pictures today, but I have to say, I like these better....

Tracy P. said...

Yeah, I think the snowflakes will have to wait for a few seasons. These were too cute to leave behind. You know you can click on these to get them off of flickr, right?

AmpersandPrime said...

So sweet.

Sandy said...


Melissa Mae said...

yup, I got 'em. Thanks for capturing this. I will love to look back and remember this season of joyfully copying scripture as she is lapping up His Word. I'm sure we will move away from this season at some point... here's hoping the next season is just as fruitful! Love you.