92/365 vision


One of the things I am enjoying most about this project is the opportunity to see through the eyes of the other participants and notice things I have never seen on my own.  At least one person posted a shot like this that revealed a reflection of a tiny world within.  I was thinking about that as I went out to capture it for myself this morning, and started hearing a melody with these words from Wayne Watson's song "Watercolor Ponies":

The vision can get so narrow
As you view through your tiny world
And little victories can go by
With no applause

My little victory for the day?  It's rain instead of snow!  We're making progress here! I applaud all of you for inspiring me.  May your little victories be noticed and applauded today.


LauraLiz said...

This is what I love most about project 365. The first year I did it, I realized I'd begun seeing things I never would have before...beautiful, meaningful, wonderful things!

Sandy said...

Boy, I needed to hear the words to that poem today. Great shot of the water drop ~ excellent focus!