97/365 skyline


At least twice a week we get to see this skyline view on our way to church.  I love the view, and always think I should take a photo of it.  But first I have to remember, and then I have to have a camera, AND I have to not be driving. Today I remembered to grab the camera out of my purse and have it ready for the few seconds that I had a view.  

I took three different photos at two different points, and they each had an airplane.  It might be impossible to take one without, since the airport is barely out of the frame to the right.


Nutrition Tailor said...

I love skylines! It's fun to see the city from different angles, too. After having lived west of Minneapolis during my childhood and always seeing that view as we approached downtown, I got a kick out of coming at it from the east (which is where I live now)

Sandy said...

I really like the layers in this shot - both creatively and how they all relate to one another. Love the blue around the skyline too.

Janette said...

I'm going to have to show this to Matt. We tried to get a shot like this before we moved b/c it was one of our favorite things. Sounds silly but we always loved that view for the brief moments you could see it! I think you got a great shot!