99/365 friday night family night


Fridays are our night to eat out as a family and try to relax a bit together.  Bethany's kids meal played right into our hand as there were plenty of pieces to go around.  I always laugh when they have these massive construction projects as the toy.  I can't believe very many people ever overcome the frustration to finish them.  It took everyone, but we finally got it together.  I was especially savoring the time to linger tonight, as baseball and softball will soon change the routine to something a little faster-paced.



Nutrition Tailor said...

Love those building activities! Have you entered the world of Puzz-3-D yet? We used to spend hours building structures, like the Taj Mahal and Il Duomo. We still have the Dome, assembled, sitting on top of a bookshelf.

Tracy P. said...

Lynn, I'm glad you brought that up. We have one we've never put together, but we did one with Lee's family years ago. It was very fun!

Sandy said...

What a cool meal toy ~ but it does look complicated. I love those "lingering" times too.