127/365 color therapy


Today my sister and I made a visit to a huge garden center in our area.  It's still a little cool for planting, but we love to go and get ideas, see what's new, and just fill our eyes with all that yummy color.  The pottery always catches my eye.  This assortment would fit our house color scheme perfectly, but I know Lee would not be super appreciative of a giant heavy pot full of dirt that would need to be hauled from the front step to the garage and back every year.  

I of course took tons of pictures of flowers, but this post caught my eye earlier this week and gave me the idea to try the same shot out of focus.  While I was being artsy, I went ahead and bumped up the saturation afterwards.  Pretty fun!



Katie said...

Great job!! I love 'em both! Those colors just make me smile and that bokeh you captured is fabulous!! :)

r said...

I like this!

Dancingirl said...

Cool idea! I love the blurred look.

Sandy said...

I like 'em both!

Ampersand said...

I really like the abstract version.