141/365 art park


Wow, it has been hard to choose just one photo almost every day this week.  So much going on.  Bethany's Girl Scout troop went on a hiking tour of a very unique place near us today. It's a gigantic sculpture garden created by this man, Mr. Caponi.  He has a home and studio there, both of which he built himself.  He just celebrated his 90th birthday. His story is fascinating.

Mr. Caponi came down and visited with the girls today.  He was more than willing to have his picture taken with them, but warned me that he doesn't smile for cameras.  The camera has to catch him.  I accepted his challenge.


More photos here.


LauraLiz said...

All the photos were great! It looked like a very fun day for everyone.

Sandy said...

The top picture really tells a story. Very nice in b&w. The 2nd one isn't showing up for me.

Tracy P. said...

Thanks for letting me know, Sandy. I fixed it. I don't know if you store your photos in iphoto and upload from there, but I forget that if I upload a set, and then edit a photo I've posted, it automatically updates the flickr image and gives it a new identifier. Unfortunately, it nullifies the old one. It would be nice if they would fix that.