158/365 giving credit where credit is due


Were it not for blogging, I don't know that I would ever have discovered my passion for photography. If I had, I don't know where in the world I would have begun to inform my passion.  To say that I am indebted to many generous bloggers who have shared their knowledge, resources, and inspiration is an understatement.  Today I want to give credit to a few who have been a constant influence on my learning, and truly a blessing to me.

Becky, who blogs at Life With Kaishon, interviews a different photographer every week.  These interviews are a gold mine.  You can see them all here.  Last week she interviewed a photographer by the name of Kim Klassen, who is truly an artist.  There were a lot of textures in her gorgeous photos.  I often drool over photos with beautiful textures, renewing my vows never to delve into one more time-sucking "craft" try them because I avoid Photoshop like the plague.  (I do quick edits in iPhoto.)  But Kim linked to a post on her free tutorial site called "Textures in Ten".  As in ten minutes.  Instruction, free texture downloads, example, practice and all.  Done.  I couldn't resist.  So I opened my Photoshop Elements and voila!  It really was just that easy.

As soon as I finished, I knew just the photo I wanted to try it on.  This original photo (textured above) captured a super sweet moment when Lee and the kids were playing "Red Light, Green Light" on the gigantic lawn at a park we visited.  The setting sun was beautiful, but so bright on the front of that big building that the glare was a little blinding and the background washed out.  This first attempt at textures makes me very excited about the possibilities.  Not that I think I'll use them often, but from time to time I'll have just the photo for it.

Susan Keller is another photographer/blogger who shares generously.  Her tutorials are here, at her blog Short on Words.  She has been a huge source of inspiration and encouragement to me.  I remembered that she has shared some posts about textures, which I have ignored completely.  When I went to look, I saw that she had linked to another generous artist, Jerry Jones at Shadowhouse Creations.  He gives away tons of textures for free, along with tutorials for using them.  I went to his Picasa gallery and downloaded just a few that I knew I would use to get started.

Finally, I am indebted to Amy and Angie and all the contributors over at iheartfaces.com.  They have provided a wonderful community for photographers of all levels that gives instruction, challenges, support, and opportunities for feedback, and abundant inspiration.  This week's challenge is "From a Distance", and my newly textured photo is perfect for the theme.  

So I'm curious.  If you read this far...where have you gotten your inspiration?


The Frisco Photographer said...

Nice shot!Love it!

Carol said...

I really like Jeff Reeder Photography, Dalissa's husband. He is one of my favorites. I got inspiration from the group that covenanted together for 365 back in 2007.

Who was the person who got you involved with the Facebook group again? Was it Mary D? I can't remember.

Love the shot. Vibrant. I avoid photoshop too, but I do process my photos a bit.

Tracy P. said...

Yes, Carol, it was Mary. She is my sister- in-law, and after I posted this I thought she should get credit too. She is the one who really nudged me into blogging, and also her first 365 is what got me thinking that you could photograph the ordinary things around you like beautiful foods. Maybe she'll get a post of her own someday. :-)

liveinthebadlands said...

Like the perspective.

foothillsphotoblog said...

Nice processing!

Katie said...

I really like the angle on this! One of the blogs I LOVE - and makes my jaw drop in awe every time I visit - is The Bonnie 5. She takes stunning photos!!

MaryD said...

Ha ha. Thanks for the belated credit! :) I'm just glad you got started, you've gone amazing places with your blogging and your photography!

Ampersand said...

I'm really enjoying watching your passion for photography.