166/365 vbs day 2 and why i love iphoto


I mentioned it's VBS this week, right?
My job is to be the photographer.  Happy me!

I took this picture during the opening worship rally.  I liked it OK, but I had better ones.

Then I looked closer:


They were just learning the actions to the song.
You can tell by their faces.
But oh, the hands.
Big and small.  Every shade.  Love them!

I wanted to emphasize the contrasts.

Enter iPhoto.



I have a few friends who have recently switched to Mac, and who are not loving iPhoto.  
I wish I could help.  But maybe this will give an idea 
of some of the quick and easy edits you can do.

I use the light and color adjustments all the time.
And definition.  My favorite.

Back to work.  I have SO MANY PHOTOS to sift through!  I love VBS!

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