178/365 bad news, good news


The bad news was that we had to have our car towed.  

The good news is,  the kids were full of giggles
while we were waiting to get it dealt with.
It's an especially good thing, because their mom was 
on the verge of grumpy.


Melissa Mae said...

GREAT picture of you, Trace! Sorry to hear about your car... will it have a full recovery?

Tracy P. said...

The good news is, it's fixed. The bad news (?) is, we still have it. ;-)

Sandy said...

Nothing like kids' giggles to help the grumpies. Great shot of you two.

LauraLiz said...

You don't *look* grumpy.

Tracy P. said...

Thankfully, the kids are old enough to recognize the value of helping me back from the edge rather than pushing me over it! It's heavenly. :-)