209/365 slinky


Bethany has a little plastic slinky she has been playing with for several days.  She loves to look through it and hold it up to look at you.  I thought it would make a great photography experiment.  It wasn't as awesome as I had envisioned.  I tried a narrower aperture to get more of the slinky in focus, but didn't quite get there before Bethany lost interest.  I needed an extra pair of hands.  I was wishing Rich had been here.  What would you do with a slinky, Rich????


Funny side note:  Bethany was traumatized when the slinky got bent.  I promised her that every slinky in the history of the universe has been bent.  She found no consolation in that whatsoever.  How many zillion times has that story been repeated?  They were obviously invented to be a life lesson in disappointment.  


primemundo said...

I took some slinky shots earlier this year as a matter of fact. Here's some from my photo shoot. http://www.flickr.com/photos/35674933@N03/5688290949/in/photostream/lightbox/

primemundo said...

Oh yea. Can't forget slinky dog.

Tracy P. said...

Yes! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. Will have to try more without Bethany. :-)

LauraLiz said...

I love that top shot!

glaucia said...

you might have to focus on the slinky and let Bethany be out of focus! I still think the photos look great!