222/365 county fair


We went to our county fair today for the first time.  Ever.
The state fair is such a big deal.  Why disappoint ourselves?
And yet, people we know rave about the county fair.  So we went.
Now I will be the one to rave about it.  

I had no trouble choosing one photo.  I love it because:
1.  It shows my kids doing manual labor.
2.  Though they chose to do it, they do not look that happy about it.
3.  Bethany ironically wore this doggy diva shirt that says "Strike a pose"
and then all day she didn't want her picture taken.
4.  Do you see all the balloons in the background?
There was a gigantic daycare group in rainbow shirts and they all had balloons.
They made their presence known, but it was sort of endearing.

And then...


I had no trouble choosing THIS one because look how much fun they're having .



I had no trouble choosing THIS one because the fair 
has this way of taking me back to our agrarian roots.  
Not that I am personally aware of having any.  
But there is something about the sight of a field full of tractors 
that reminds me to stay off my high horse.  
God bless the farmers!

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Nutrition Tailor said...

It's worth going to a county level fair at least ONCE in your life! The Ramsey County fair isn't all that great, but I do remember thinking the Hennepin County Fair was pretty cool when I was a kid (and showing my 4H exhibits!)