231/365 the inevitable


It is a running joke with some of the other moms at school that I put off my back-to-school shopping until the last possible minute.  I like to bask in summer.  Yesterday I had my kids figure out what they needed.  They went straight to their school websites and located the supply lists.  They looked in their backpacks for what they had, and made lists of things we needed to buy.  Rather short lists, I might add. We went to Target, and I ran into an old friend almost immediately, so I sent the kids to do their shopping.  They pretty much found it all during the course of my conversation.  If it's always going to be this easy, I might start doing it early.  But that might traumatize poor Ben, who is over there lamenting the impending end to summer. Not very convincing, is he?  I think he's secretly looking forward to middle school.

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Teachinfourth said...

I think he is, too...