237/365 kale


If you visited my table each night at dinner time, you would know that:

1.  I am not the world's most imaginative cook.
2.  My family does not thrive on culinary variety.
3.  The USDA did not use our family as the 
template in designing the new food plate.
4.  Not everyone in my family is an adventurous eater.
5.  My husband is interested in his health.

I don't know what possessed Lee to request kale.  I knew to look in the produce section for it, but I had to read the labels to find it.  I asked him what he thought I should do with it.  He said to ask my Facebook friends.  Except that he had just told me to ask them about composite decking, and I try to pace myself on advice requests.  But, having asked for food ideas before, I knew some of them would recommend allrecipes.com.  So I went there.  

They recommended baked kale chips.  Among other things. 
That, I thought, sounds almost ridiculous, BUT...
I might be able to sneak it by my kids.

And you know what?


They were a total hit.
Go figure.


Nutrition Tailor said...

Funny--I had never heard of doing this with kale, and then yesterday I came across a recipe for kale chips in a magazine, and perhaps just as I was reading about it, you were making them! Kale, by the way, is one of the tougher greens (vs. Swiss chard and spinach which are both tender greens) and needs a bit more cooking. Try it chopped up in soups, or even added to spaghetti or to a meatloaf. The more tender greens can be sauteed in olive oil with a little garlic. My husband likes to shake some balsamic vinegar over Swiss chard--I just like a shake of salt on them. Some nutrition trivia: greens all have some calcium, but it isn't very well-absorbed, because it's tied up with oxalate. Kale is the exception--the calcium is highly absorbed.

LauraLiz said...

Kale is one of the foods I've been working on to really like rather than tolerate. The first "I like it" came when I shopped it up in soup or with beans. Then I discovered if I saute it with chard (and eventually began throwing in everything but the kitchen sink)and add a little balsamic vinegar, I like it that way. If it is chopped small, I even like it raw now. I am definitely looking up the chips recipe. My calcium sits at the very bottom rung of normal even if I take supplements (and even when I remembered to drink orange juice with them).