260/365 comfort items


At this time of year, two things change drastically where we live. First, the days start getting markedly shorter. We have been spoiled with the long summer days--4th of July fireworks at 10:00 because it's too light any earlier--and now we are on our way to the opposite extreme. Second, the winds literally blow summer away. As surely as the jet stream came in and melted the 58º high temps with 95º on June 23rd or something like that (OK, maybe a LITTLE earlier), the same exact thing happened on Tuesday evening, only the other way around.  

So it is time for candles to bring more light, and hot coffee with fall flavored creamers.  Time to put stew ingredients on the shopping list, and the electric blanket on the bed.  

We love fall.  We only wish it would last much, much longer!


Nutrition Tailor said...

I am making stew this afternoon, in fact!

LauraLiz said...

Sounds lovely.