281/365 crazy neighbor


Katie Lloyd is doing a series this month on releasing your inner artist behind the camera. This week she challenged her readers to get out of their comfort zone and take pictures that might make other people think you're crazy if they saw you.  You know, not for the sake of being crazy, but for the sake of the picture!

All summer year long I have been taking pictures in my yard.  Sometimes the back, sometimes the front (with cars driving by). I am constantly wondering if the neighbors are watching.  Today I was on the ground taking a zillion angles of this plant, trying to fill my frame with the succulent purple foliage.  It was worth it, right? So what if the neighbors were watching.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Ahhh, neighbors. I'm pretty sure ours think I'm nuts too! :)

...this shot was definitely worth looking crazy! ;)