307/365 behind the scenes


Bethany's girl scout troop got to take a tour behind the scenes on the zoo's Tropics Trail.  After being there MANY times, it was nice to have a tour guide to point out things we had never noticed.  Did you know that after a komodo dragon is born it immediately runs up a tree to avoid being eaten by its parents?  Neither did I.  I wonder how many times I've walked by this little guy without noticing.


We got to go back in the kitchen where the food for the animals is prepared.  It was pretty cool.  The guide went in the freezer and brought out bags of frozen rodents.  Like pizza rolls for birds of prey.  I didn't photograph them.  (You're welcome.)

I also got my first decent photo of the penguins.  This winter I will be going over there with my tripod by myself to give it a concerted effort.

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LauraLiz said...

Fun times! That is a fantastic penguin shot!!