14/365 jersey boy


Ben's Cam Newton jersey arrived today.  He was determined to be the photo of the day. I could hardly turn him down! Besides, I had a little better light to work with than during the championship game.


LauraLiz said...

Cam has been a joy to watch because he is so darn good, but I have to say I'm glad his drama is moving away from Auburn. It's been a fun ride, though!! War Eagle! I love your "Cam's" smile. :-)

Michele said...

I like how the red stripes on the jersey coordinate with the red stripe at the top of the wall.

Tracy P. said...

Laura, we've had two years of Brett Favre. I am glad his drama is moving away from MN. But maybe Cam could get a fresh start here. ;-)

Shelley, the red stripe and red lights (and chairs) were very photo worthy themselves. I took a few, but nothing that was better than a kid who WANTS to be your photo of the day.

Sandie said...

He is such a cutie and he looks very proud of himself in that jersey!