30/365 neon


My sister and nephew came our way today and joined us for a game of blacklight mini-golf.
It's very cool, but it really plays tricks on the eyes!




Nicole Rae Studio said...

I've never heard of black light mini-golf... how fun!

Nutrition Tailor said...

You get to more fun places! (Where is this? I have not heard of black light mini golf either.)

Tracy P. said...

Burnsville Center food court, Lynn. I've never seen anything like it. The golf holes aren't all that challenging, but the motif is very cool.

Sandy said...

I've heard of cosmic bowling but not mini golf. Looks like fun but I do think it would be hard on the eyes after a while. Great shots to capture those bright neon colors.

LauraLiz said...

Whew! I'll bet that *does* play tricks on the eyes!

AmpersandPrime said...

That sounds so fun. These are really cool shots.