55/365 quaint


Today it was Ben who went skiing, and I was a chaperone.  I had noticed how quaint the tiny little town beside the ski area was when I went with Bethany, and today it just happened I was a few minutes early meeting them there.  I had to stop.  Bonus photo today to add to the quaintness.  :-)



LauraLiz said...

I'd like to take a walk down this street (when it isn't so icy, that is!).

Tracy P. said...

Yes, and imagine it with a blue sky to boot! :-)

Although it is right next to a river that is flowing and very high--that was cool to see with all the snow and ice.

Nutrition Tailor said...

I love these types of towns! Small businesses are so much more inviting than big-box stores!

Life with Kaishon said...

That really is the cutest little town. Very sweet!