69/365 music

Tonight our kids had their grade level concerts at school.  They are singers, our two.  We are so blessed that they enjoy it.  We got to move to the front row for Ben's concert as soon as Bethany's was over.  Since I had such a good seat, I took advantage by photographing several kids we know.  Made me realize once again how lucky I am to get to go to school frequently so that I really know their classmates.  So many kids that I have come to treasure.




Carolyn said...

Reminds me of the days when I used to sing in school. Good memories. Neither of my boys inherited a love of singing, fabulous though they be in other areas. ;-)
I really like the paintings on the wall behind the group. Similar ones hang in the library at my younger son's school. Maybe I should take a shot of a one after March break and post it.

julieunplugged said...

Putting that quality camera to work! These are great! I'm up early to take my daughter to her state competition for choir! Singing is divine.

Sandy said...

Great group photos! The camera handles the lighting so well.