70/365 hanging on for dear life


These little berries are pretty tenacious.  We have had plenty of furry and feathered friends visiting through the winter and appreciating the tiny fruit of all of our trees, several of which have been nearly picked clean.  This morning's frost highlighted the fact that we often feel like we live in Narnia, where it is always winter--at least well beyond Christmas.  But these berries will soon have to give it up and make way for the new ones. 

How much am I like that, hanging on for dear life, when in reality the new life only comes with the letting go?


Carolyn said...

Gorgeous picture. Rec, tan, and white is such a restful combination. Like your insight, too/

julieunplugged said...

I love your nature photos. This one is beautiful. The fine fur of the frost, the crisp red of the berries.

On letting go: I don't think I knew what that really was until now... and it's hard to do.

Sandy said...

The combination of the white and red is oh so wonderful. Love the texture of the snow.