136/365 follow the light

My blog friend Becky interviews different photographers nearly every week.  It is fun to see their different perspectives and hear their stories.  This past week she interviewed Kellie Hatcher.  I had never heard of Kellie before.  

Becky asked her the question, "Do you ever worry that you will run out of ideas for pictures?"

Kellie's response startled me:  "I don't typically start with an idea. I know it sounds weird, but I am totally an observer...I don't think of something until I see the light. And when I say see the light, I don't mean when the heavens open and everything becomes glorious. I am talking about actual light, like the sun. It moves me to shoot what I do."

I had never thought of photography that way.  I think of having a subject (or idea), figuring out how I want to frame it, and then think of exposure last.  I realize photography is all about light, but, I mean, I had never really believed that.  I think it's about the subject, and you use the light as your tool to reveal the subject.  

My gorgeous crab apple tree is in bloom, and like all of the other days when it is blooming, I took my camera out today.  I got some beautiful shots, but nothing particularly extraordinary.  Later in the evening I thought I would see if the dwindling daylight would provide any opportunity, and here is what I saw:


It is far from a perfect photo...but I saw it by deliberately looking for light.  It is far more unique than anything else I shot today.  I'm going to try to take Kellie's advice and look for the light.

I think perhaps there is a sermon there.


Carolyn said...

Nice shot. Nice homily, too!

LauraLiz said...

Glad you looked for the light--great shot!

Life with Kaishon said...

You said it isn't perfect. I think it is. Totally perfect. I am glad you are looking for light.