137/365 track and field day


Today we had a field day.  With fifth graders.

I helped out as a timer, so when the events started
I handed the camera off to Lee.  He got some awesome shots!





I hate to admit it, but these fifth graders are looking a whole lot like middle schoolers.
Good thing at least the kids are ready.


Nutrition Tailor said...

Gorgeous day for this and great shots! (Your school has a VERY nice track for 5th graders...or was this over at the high school?)

Tracy P. said...

The high school. Such a fun atmosphere for the kids. There were five elementaries competing, and our principal was the starter for the track events--gun and all.

LauraLiz said...

What a gorgeous day! I really like all the colorful shirts on the blue bleachers.

Carolyn said...

I like the whole series. Somehow, a succession of shots can say more than a single photo. I particularly like the action shots, with just your son and the ball. Well done!