155/365 bike adventure


Today I went on a field trip with Ben's class to the zoo.  Yesterday all the fifth graders had a bike rodeo to test their bike safety skills, and if they passed they got to bike to the zoo.  They all passed.  I agreed to be one of the moms to MEET them at the zoo.  I could have managed the ride, but managing to stay composed with a hundred kids crossing three busy roads would have been another thing.  There was a downpour as the kids were on their way over.  I was happy I was waiting under cover.  It was no problem, because it was a warm day and everyone dried off fast.

I chose this photo because as they were leaving and I was shooting a few pictures, I never even realized I got this great smile from Ben's teacher.  She has been a huge blessing to him and to us.  This photo is so her.  Thank God for great teachers!


Janette said...

Love that lady--one of Clara's favorite teachers ever! :o) And I'm so sad we never got to do a bike trip to the zoo. But I'm still working on being content where I am!!

Tracy P. said...

Janette, she is one of MY favorite teachers ever too--and that is saying a LOT! I hope Bethany has her next year. I think you are doing great at embracing your here and now.